Friday, 7 October 2016


As always I am on the hunt for the easiest way to bigger and voluminous hair.  I might have found what I needed and I wanted to do a big shout out about it!  (and to get me back into regular blogging, it's been too long!)

The product in question is L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology Double Elixir Instant Thickening Mist.

It's a bi-layer oil mist that you can spray to both dampened or dry hair for styling, to add thickness and help to detangle hair.  I usually spray it onto my dampened hair after a wash, mainly targeting at the roots of my hair.  If I just want a 'no-hair-drying' day it doesn't create as much thickness to the hair when it's dried but it's better than putting on no thickening product.  However, I always try to combine heat (blow drying) and using this mist - it makes my hair feeling so fluffy like air, and the result is natural but definitely has added some sort of volume to the hair.

For the price (£6.99), you really can't beat that as you can create more looks with your hair at home.  When I have the will to live (meaning I have somewhere special to go, e.g. the supermarket!) then I curl my hair a bit afterwards, it gives such a nice finish to my total look.

However I don't think this product is available in Hong Kong yet, so when I'm done with this, I might need to ask my sister (@forksandbrushes) to send me some of these from London!  Meanwhile I'm just going to enjoy the magic that this product brings to my hair, as well as to look out for any similar products I can find it Hong Kong.

Sunday, 5 June 2016


Yesterday I was on Mommy off duty for an hour to participate in the Chanel Rouge Coco On Tour, Hong Kong Stop.  I didn't know what to expect as I signed up to it a week ago.  When I turned up I was so impressed by the set up - spacious, loads of lipsticks and nail polish stations around the venue, and a few set up of musical instruments I could see.  

This event was to launch the Chanel Rouge Coco lipsticks together with other nail polishes, and a few other of their famous fragrances and hair mist.

During the event itself, I got the chance to rock those keyboard, drumroll, and letting my hair down for an hour without any distractions from my toddler.  It was great fun to try out as many lipstick colours as possible, to take pictures and just walked around the space feeling the vibe.

In the end, a beauty blogger wouldn't go away empty handed so I picked up a couple of products that I didn't get a chance to properly sample at a Chanel counter.  I bought the Hydra Beauty Nutrition Nourishing Lip Care, and a lipstick from the Rouge Allure line in #40 Prodigious.  I only have 3 Chanel lip products in my collection, and don't think adding another one to my stash needs questioning at all!

There were a couple of fragrance samples I received together with my purchase.  In the end we all received a small gift bag as we left.

It was such a fun hour to spend for myself.

Saturday, 28 May 2016


Whilst my lips are less chapped and dry as a result of living in Hong Kong, I cannot be lazy about giving my lips a good scrub regularly because of the continuous shedding of dead skin still reoccurs.

Recently I came across the brand Bodyography, an Aussie makeup and skincare brand.  Through the introduction by Hakme, I found out about this Exfoliating Lip Duo by the brand.

If you have used the lip scrub by Lush then you would know how this lip duo feels and works on the lips.  It comes in two parts- sugar scrub at the bottom compartment then a lip oil on top, which also comes with a mirror - a very well designed product.  Although I do think I will finish using the scrub before emptying the lip oil.

The sugar scrub is abrasive enough to 'rub away' those dead skin on the surface of the lips but not rough enough to damage your delicate lips.  After scrubbing away, I feel that my lips are softer and smoother.  I would then immediately apply the Marula Oil infused lip oil (lip balm) to give my lips some protection and hydrating that it needs.  The oil has quite a long lasting effect on the lips.  As I normally apply this at night (after all the eating, and drinking, and teeth brushing), I noticed that I could still feel the lip oil on my lips after 2 hours or so.  It says on the production information that Marula oil helps to build collagen, I'm yet to notice the difference in collagen (or would I?).  One thing I am certain is that this lip duo has definitely helped my lips to maintain its smooth texture which other products haven't been able to so far.

I am very pleased with this product and would highly recommend it.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

TWO EMPTIES - Estee Lauder and Tatcha

I love a good serum, I love how light and supposedly more powerful function that it gives to your skincare routine.

Recently I've managed to finish 2 serums which I'm so pleased with myself.  Who doesn't love it when a product is finished?

First up is the Estee Lauder Enlighten Dark Spot Corrector.  Living in Hong Kong means your skin is prone to huge amount of damage done by the Sun, especially during the hotter months (basically more than half of the year we have warm to extreme heat here).  I spent the whole of summer in Hong Kong, and my freckles on my cheeks have turned into a bit of a dark spot network.  When my sister @forksandbrushes have tried out this dark spot corrector and said it's great, I quickly gave them a try.  I have been applying it on my dark spots exclusively 1-2 times a day, mostly in the evening for about 6 months.  The first month when I first applied it, I did notice a fade in colour of my dark spots.  Continued using this however, didn't further improve the situation although it managed to control them not darkening again.  Also I have been more careful with making sure I apply SPF products on my face all year round, and choosing a high SPF product when the sun began to become stronger.  Plus I tried to avoid staying directly under the sun for too long.  These all seem to have helped my dark spots.  However, if you were looking to use this product to get rid of the dark spots then it is quite impossible.

Second product is also a serum, it's Tatcha Luminous Firming Serum.  I bought this from a set so the one that I have is a smaller size.  I use this only in the morning as it claims to give the skin the luminosity that it needs.  When you first squeeze the product out, you would notice that the serum has a some pearly white glitter bits in but it doesn't transfer to the skin.  When first applied it does help to brighten the face a little bit, I don't feel that it helps to firm though.  It's quite a light textured serum and rather hydrating.  So I actually use this alone in the morning when the weather began warmer.  I feel that this serum is enough to provide the hydration that my skin needed.  However I feel that this is an average quality serum and I probably wouldn't repurchase it again.

I'm looking forward to finishing more products and share them with you!

What products have you emptied recently?

Saturday, 19 March 2016


Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Nail Polish - I really wanted to like you so I have kept trying you for numerous times.  I was drawn to the fact that you said on the bottle 'Gel Envy'. Being a busy full time mom, going to the nail bar for a treatment is a luxury so most of the times I do my nails myself at home.  If a nail polish can give a gel-nail effect then that's even better.

The consistency of the nail polish is rather thin, and together with the brush it just makes building up that gel-like effect rather difficult.  Often I needed at least 3 coats on each nail to have that effect, and on top I always put on a coat of Seche Vite top coat to make it all properly 'gel like' and dry faster.  But even so it's not very impressive, plus it chips so easily after a day or so....

I'm going to give these two bottles to some friends who might prefer them over me.

Have you tried this before?  What's your favourite gel-like finish nail polish?

Saturday, 20 February 2016


As I'm typing this, I'm sitting up, holding my 16 months old whilst he's sleeping. I hope that it doesn't stay like this for the rest of the night but if it means he can have a better night of sleep (as a result fully rested and recover sooner) it's ok for me to do this.

I hope you don't mind me writing mommy related stuff here on my beauty blog.

It could be the flu viruses or the nasty germs from other kiddie's saliva shared in a playroom but Lear has fallen sick 3 times in the past 2 months.

One thing that I realised is that when they get sick they get sick really quickly and it gets worse quite badly too. But it does take them quite quickly as well to recover- amazing. 

But it isn't amazing when they have a fever overnight, I really hate that. We always have some sorts of baby panadol/ Calpol (if you are based in the UK) at home. It's the high temperature in kids you want to bring down first before anything. I made mistakes in the past to keep Lear too warm when he has a fever but I've learnt to put just one layer on him and try to keep air flowing and a relatively cooler room temperature even if it's quite cold outside. You don't want to trap heat inside them.

Fever usually comes and goes for about 3 days, from our experience. In Hong Kong it's the commonest thing to take kids to see a doctor once they are ill. I have tried not pressing the alarm bell every time when Lear is sick. I feel that he can fight against the viruses sometimes but if I get worried I make sure we bring him to the doctor ASAP.

Lear is used to going out and he loves that. So when he's ill we try our best to keep him home. 

It used to be a challenging thought to think I need to keep this active guy at home for more than 2 hours. But in fact when he's really unwell, he usually takes longer and more frequent naps. It's the time when I also take a rest too. Sometimes when kiddies are ill it means mommies are on extra duty but it can also mean that the outgoing little people just want to stay home and you might well take the opportunity to rest and take things easily. 

I used to get all upset and frustrated when Lear lost his appetite when he's sick- I get too worried. But think of when you are unwell you just don't want to eat and you feel ok. When you are well again your appetite will slowly build up again. Same goes to little people like Lear. Try not to get too bogged down by the fact that your big eater baby refused every single food you offer to him. Try to keep them hydrated though- by offering them water and milk little bit often. It's easier for them to digest milk then solids, but that is if they do enjoy their milk. I find bread and banana are also some good options too.

They usually take 3-5 days to fully recover back to little monsters again. Afterall, a little virus or germs won't do them too much harm.


Saturday, 13 February 2016


When it comes to moisturising my skin, I must be the laziest person in the world.  I let my body skin go so dry that it cracks like a completely dehydrated and draught piece of land look alike before paying any attention to it whatsoever.

This year (well from late last year), I decided to do something positive about it.  I bought a bottle of the Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser in the hope that it will make life easier when it comes to moisturising my body.  I remember using it in the past but don't recall any impressions from it so I thought I should give this a go.

It sounds like a lazy-person saviour but it isn't quite there yet.  At first I thought I could just spray this onto my skin then that is, meaning - spray and go, no rubbing required then this still would get absorbed by my skin.  Nope, things don't get this straight forward.  Once sprayed onto the skin, it forms this thin layer of white foam then you have to smear it equally over your body. It's a bit disappointing though for me to learn that it's not a one-step-fits-all product. The formulation of the spray is very easily absorbed by the skin and doesn't not leave my skin feeling greasy or oily which is very nice. However you do need to be careful when spraying as if you have sprayed it on the floor and not wipe clean it properly it makes the floor very slippery.

I don't think I would repurchase it once this is finished. Until I have changed my mind in the future about moisturising my body, I think I might leave them until they are cracked. Sorry I know it's gross but that's just me with body moisturising.